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The CREST Victoria dress uniform contains epaulettes.  They do not indicate rank.  Instead, they are utilised to indicate the designation of responsibility within the state organisation.  Some members may hold up to 2 executive positions.

CREST Victoria draws its Executive from within the Members of the organisation - They are elected for 2-year terms during the organisation’s annual general meeting.  Epaulet design and meaning varies from state to state, as each state is autonomously managed within the state in which it resides.  

CREST Australia is formed by each state providing representatives, and is tasked with fund raising and marketing. The national CREST body does not have an operational mandate.
Peer Support Officer

Deputy Ops Director
Executive Call Sign
Victoria CREST 7
State Director (CEO)
Executive Call Sign
Victoria CREST 1
Operations Director
Executive Call Sign
Victoria CREST 3
Trained Member
Call Sign
Victoria CREST 11-90
Untrained Member
Call Sign
Victoria CREST 11-90*
(*zero designation after call sign)
Executive Members
  • State Clerical Admin (VC2)
  • Public Relations Officer (VC4)
  • State Treasurer (VC5)
  • Training Officer (VC6)
  • Stores Officer (VC8)
  • IT Officer (VC9)
Visiting Interstate Monitor
Call Sign
Victoria CREST 91-99

When everything else fails, radio communications continue...

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