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Life Members

Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual members  who's exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has  provided measurable benefit to CREST Victoria over an extended period of time.

Year                Call Sign                     Name     
 ?                       Victoria CREST 32              Murphy, Terry
 ?                       Victoria CREST 41              Code, Greg
 ?                       Victoria CREST 43              Smith, Jeffrey
 ?                       Victoria CREST 44              Smith, Stephen
2020                  Victoria CREST 49              Cunnington, Jodie
 ?                       Victoria CREST 62              Cunnington, Joan                    
Silent Mics

CREST Victoria would like to honor all of our members who are now Silent Mic's.  If you know of someone who shold be listed on this page, please let us know.

Call Sign                      Name                         Location

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